Mythbusters – Leighton Buzzard Leisure Centre

I was delighted with the announcement from CBC that the proposed new leisure centre for Leighton Buzzard and Linslade had moved on to the consultation stage, and if it is decided to go ahead, a planning application will be submitted by the end of this year. An artist's impression of the new leisure centre The … Continue reading Mythbusters – Leighton Buzzard Leisure Centre

Policing, Health and the role of the Councils

As I speak to local residents and read comments online, it is very clear there are two issues that concern people more than anything: policing and health. When I talk about Town Council and CBC projects – playgrounds, leisure centres, the town centre for example – almost without fail I will receive comments to the … Continue reading Policing, Health and the role of the Councils

Leighton Buzzard High Street

Over the next few months local residents will be asked for their views on the future of Leighton Buzzard High Street. Has Leighton Buzzard Market benefited from the pedestrian-only High Street? Early in the pandemic, restrictions were implemented to take all traffic, including public transport, out of the High Street and make it pedestrian only. … Continue reading Leighton Buzzard High Street

Parish Boundary Review

The paper on the public consultation on the proposed boundary change between Leighton-Linslade and Eggington was presented at Thursday’s meeting of General Purposes. Currently, the new housing to the east of Leighton Buzzard is in Eggington Parish. However, in every other respect they are part of Leighton Buzzard: they are sold as being in Leighton … Continue reading Parish Boundary Review

What does ‘the council’ actually do?

So, just what does ‘the council’ do? When you ask someone what ‘the council’ does, you will get a variety of answers, but with some common threads. Firstly, you will get those who don’t think ‘the council’ does very much. Each month they pay a not inconsiderable amount of Council Tax, and yet feel they … Continue reading What does ‘the council’ actually do?

Why I am standing as a Conservative candidate …

Right now, it is embarrassing to stand on the doorstep and introduce myself as a Conservative Candidate. Not because I am ashamed to be seen as having ‘conservative values’, but because I am totally and utterly ashamed to be in any way associated with the shambles in Westminster. I don’t think anyone of any political … Continue reading Why I am standing as a Conservative candidate …