Leighton Buzzard High Street

Over the next few months local residents will be asked for their views on the future of Leighton Buzzard High Street. Has Leighton Buzzard Market benefited from the pedestrian-only High Street? Early in the pandemic, restrictions were implemented to take all traffic, including public transport, out of the High Street and make it pedestrian only. … Continue reading Leighton Buzzard High Street

Parish Boundary Review

The paper on the public consultation on the proposed boundary change between Leighton-Linslade and Eggington was presented at Thursday’s meeting of General Purposes. Currently, the new housing to the east of Leighton Buzzard is in Eggington Parish. However, in every other respect they are part of Leighton Buzzard: they are sold as being in Leighton … Continue reading Parish Boundary Review

The history of the recent expansion of Leighton Buzzard

When I speak to residents, the second biggest issue in the town (after policing and crime) is the expansion of Leighton Buzzard and Linslade. This concern is reflected in many of the comments on the various local Facebook groups. Directly related to the new developments - some completed, several ongoing - is the lack of … Continue reading The history of the recent expansion of Leighton Buzzard

A look back on policing in LB

I am honestly not looking to be deliberately confrontational towards our PCC Kathryn Holloway, but when she claims on twitter that (quote) 'you have more warranted officers in the Community Hub in L Buzzard involved in problem solving than ever before', she must have forgotten to qualify this statement with '... since I have been … Continue reading A look back on policing in LB