Your Conservative candidates

CBC – Leighton Buzzard South

Ray Berry

07876 340734

Over the past 4 years, it has been my privilege to continue as one of your Central Bedfordshire councillors in Leighton Buzzard South, a Ward which has grown dramatically and continues that growth by the day. I am deeply disappointed at outcomes to date, but continue to seek adoption of roads and drainage on Sandhills, and for early adoption of the Roman Gate facilities.

As positives, we have the welcome delivery of the Greenfields extra care facility, the Sainsbury’s and Co-op local supermarkets, the near- completion of the Grovebury Retail Park, the final phase of the RAF Stanbridge site, and the long-awaited public access to the Astral Lake Park. Moving forward, the Land South of the High Street still needs to be “packaged” for full and rational development – this, of course, is reliant on the early replacement of the existing care and day-care facilities – whilst parking and traffic management across the Leston and Brooklands Town Wards must be addressed.

Finally, although much of the outline Eastern development, agreed several years ago, falls into other parishes, we should expect early changes to bring those developments into Leighton Linslade Parish and, with those changes, we should be seeking, amongst other essentials, the early delivery of fit-for-purpose Health Hub and Leisure Centre facilities.

David Bowater

07880 711342

I consider myself privileged to have served as a Central Bedfordshire Councillor in Leighton Buzzard South since its inception. Early in this term, I was also proud to serve as Chairman of the Council, and to have the opportunity to see how hard our voluntary organisations work for the vulnerable members of our community.

Initially, as a member of the Audit Committee, I helped the Council to provide excellent services for residents, whilst keeping Council Tax rises well below inflation. Under a Conservative Council, I will work with my colleagues to ensure that this continues over the next term.

Latterly, as a member of the Sustainable Communities Committee, I have been involved in looking at leisure provision across the District, and am delighted at the commitment to build a new Leisure Centre for Leighton Buzzard. I also support the retention of our library services and was glad to see the improvements at LB Library Theatre.

Within Leighton Buzzard South, the Extra Care Facility at Greenfields now offers much need- ed space for older residents to downsize; moving forward, I will pursue more such accommodation for older people, together with affordable homes for our younger residents. If re-elected, I will continue to ensure that the Town’s needs are taken into account in future decision making. I hope you will support me on 2nd May.

Amanda Dodwell

07966 363469

When you vote in May, I hope you will look at my record over the past 8 years. Local residents are always my priority, whether working with individuals on problems that affect them and their families, or on wider issues affecting the whole community.

Concern about crime is the top issue among residents. I share these very serious concerns, and have campaigned for additional officers to be allocated to Leighton Buzzard. Last year I asked the Council to invite representatives from Bedfordshire Police to a public meeting to give residents the opportunity to voice these concerns. I am pleased to hear there will be more funding for Bedfordshire Police and will continue to campaign for more Police support as well as the new Central Beds Community Safety team resource.

I am passionate about services for children and young people, and those with additional needs and mental health problems. I have been Chairman of the Corporate Parenting Panel, overseeing services for children in care, and have had the privilege to work with some of our looked after children in shaping the future provision of Children’s Services.

If re-elected, I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of residents. I will fight for a fair share of police resources. I will continue to promote the welfare of children and young people, and I will ensure there are adequate facilities to meet the needs of our growing town.

Leighton Linslade Town Council

Brooklands Ward

David Bowater

07880 711342

Continuing over the past 4 years to serve you in Brooklands Ward, I have had the opportunity to meet many of you as Deputy Mayor and enjoyed helping to raise money for charities such as Autism Bedfordshire and Macmillan Cancer.

Continuing over the past 4 years to serve you in Brooklands Ward, I have had the opportunity to meet many of you as Deputy Mayor and enjoyed helping to raise money for charities such as Autism Bedfordshire and Macmillan Cancer.

As a member of the Cultural & Economic Committee, I have been proud to help bring forward the Youth Promise Grant Scheme, supporting such worthwhile organisations as the Naval Cadets, Fire Cadets and Boxing Club. If re-elected, I will continue to press for improvements in our expanding Town, such as the refurbishment of Pages Park Pavilion, whilst making sure that we continue to offer value for money.

Amanda Dodwell

07966 363469

Since being elected to the Town Council, I have campaigned for the improvement of our parks and pavilions, and am delighted that the refurbishment of Pages Park Pavillion is due to start very soon.

I have pushed for progress on the redevelopment of the south of the High Street and for the provision of infrastructure. The opening of Grovebury Road Retail Park is a welcome boost for the local economy, and will ensure shoppers stay in town rather than travelling further afield.

If re-elected, I will always put the interests of local residents first and fight to preserve the character of our much-loved Town.

Grovebury Ward

Carol Chambers

07894 451413

I felt very excited that I was elected to become a town councillor for Grovebury ward in may 2016. My partner and I run a small business in Leighton Buzzard employing six full time members of staff. I have always been very active in the town in my spare time getting involved with volunteer projects such as Speedwatch, Streetwatch and the carnival committee.

As a town councillor my main area of interest is on the events that are staged within the town on an annual basis such as the big lunch food festival the canal festival and the Christmas weekend to name but a few. I will always be available to help residents within our town and the Grovebury ward in addition to supporting local groups.

Farzana Kharawala

07974 770918

We have lived on Sandhills for 15 years, our business is based locally, and I have been a Grovebury councillor for the past 4 years. I have a real interest in issues which affect residents, especially families, and in finding ways to make our community feel more connected.

I am currently involved in plans to formalise the road markings around the local school, to improve community safety. I have enjoyed being a town councillor since 2015 and am currently Vice-chairman of the Partnership Committee with CBC. I am always happy to help local residents whenever I can, and hope that you will elect me to represent you again. Thank you.

Syed Rahman

07969 110766

A Grovebury Councillor for the past 8 years, as Town Mayor in 2017 I was delighted to meet many groups who work so hard for the community. I also enjoyed raising money for my charities, including Leighton Linslade Homeless and Autism Bedfordshire.

Working through the Cultural and Economic Committee, I have been pleased at the success of the Youth Promise Scheme, providing grants towards development of our young people, and at our provision of a youth group at Astral Park.

I welcome the improvements to the Market and shop fronts. With your support, I will continue to work to ensure that Leighton Linslade remains a fantastic Town.

Jeremy Silverstone

07949 586944

Fifty years old and with long experience in financial services, I believe that Leighton Buzzard is a great place to live. I want to maintain this view by helping to further develop our local amenities and facilities.

Our 5 year old daughter attends local school so, like many parents I am passionate about education and want to see social and leisure opportunities for young people as they grow, whilst also providing for the ageing members of our community.

I am determined to keep our Town both safe and pleasant for us, especially with the continuing population growth, so representing you in Grovebury Ward would be a privilege. Thank You.

Leston Ward

Adam Fahn

07904 886446

I have been a Leighton Buzzard resident for 15 years living close to the centre of town. I have past experience of being an LLTC councillor for 6 years and am pleased to be able to re-commit time again now. In my work as a Councillor I started ‘I Love LB’ with traders and public sector to promote the town. Later it became LB First.

I also assisted in the creation of residents’ associations bringing more of a say to residents and provided support for the town council youth committee. The Town is currently in a good place, the Council precept has had no increase for 8 years but there are ambitions for improvements and I’d like to be part of that. I am interested to see that our pavilions, sports pitches, children’s play areas/buildings remain well managed & used in the community.