Election issues …

As we knock on doors around LB South and respond to posts on local social media sites, I will be summarising the key issues that are coming up, and my response.

New developments and infrastructure

Not surprisingly, one of the main concerns among local residents is the over development of our town and the lack of supporting infrastructure.

As I have explained in some of my previous blogs, the development we are now seeing around the town is a result of decisions made many years ago. Although it was never going to be possible to block these developments altogether, your local Conservative Councillors have ensured that these new developments are supported by appropriate infrastructure. The commitments from the developers now building around the town include (as provided by CBC Executive Member for Regeneration):

  • Living for the elderly,
  • Class B1, B2, B8 Employment,
  • Renewable Energy Plant and Recycling Facility,
  • a Neighbourhood Centre comprising Retail Uses (Class A1-A3),
  • a Public House (Class A4), a Multi Purpose Hall (Class D1),
  • a GP Surgery (Class D1),
  • Offices (Class B1),
  • a Children’s Nursery (Class D1) and Associated Car Parking,
  • Community Hall (Class D1),
  • Retail Units (Class A1-A3),
  • an Elderly Person Care Home of up to 70 Beds (Class C2),
  • a New Eastern Link Road between Vandyke Road and Stanbridge Road together with associated residential and employment access roads with associated car parking,
  • new Roundabout on the A505,
  • the laying out of an area to the north and south of Clipstone Brook as a Park forming part of an Area of Green Infrastructure,
  • the laying out of structural landscaping and green corridors for recreational use,
  • the laying of 7.45ha of land as formal pitch provision together with the erection of appropriate changing facilities,
  • the construction of footways and cycleways,
  • the construction of structures to accommodate Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems,
  • the laying out of 0.75ha as Allotments,
  • the construction of 2 neighbourhood equipped areas for play and four locally equipped areas of play,
  • a Primary School including a multi-use Games Area,
  • Land for expansion of Vandyke Upper School, including a Multi Use Games Area,
  • Land for a Leisure Centre for Leighton Linslade (subject to Planning).

The Clipstone Park development (Hockliffe Road)

As I speak to residents around the Brooklands estate, virtually everyone has expressed their frustration with the development currently underway along Hockliffe Road, heading out of town – in particular, the delays caused by their roadworks, and the mud on the road.

Together with Cllr Berry, I have raised the issue with Council Officers, who have in turn spoken to the developers. Sadly, this will be a long running battle with the developers, but rest assured we will continue to put pressure on the developers to be considerate to local residents.


It is very apparent that everyone is fed up and sick of Brexit. And whilst I am sure you all realise that local Councillors are not responsible for delivering Brexit, it is inevitable that as ‘representatives’ of the political system, we will feel the brunt of residents’ frustrations.

We share your frustrations, and feel just as peeved at the failure of Parliament to reach a conclusion.

Many of you have told me that you won’t be bothering to vote again – I fully sympathise with you. After all, the referendum was the biggest exercise in democracy we have ever seen in this country, and yet Parliament has been crippled by their inability to come forward with a solution that respects the result of the referendum and reunites the country. I will not pretend it is any easy job, but right now they have turned this country into an international laughing stock and while they are bickering over Brexit, nothing else is being done.