Mythbusters – Leighton Buzzard Leisure Centre

I was delighted with the announcement from CBC that the proposed new leisure centre for Leighton Buzzard and Linslade had moved on to the consultation stage, and if it is decided to go ahead, a planning application will be submitted by the end of this year. An artist's impression of the new leisure centre The … Continue reading Mythbusters – Leighton Buzzard Leisure Centre

Parish Boundary Review

The paper on the public consultation on the proposed boundary change between Leighton-Linslade and Eggington was presented at Thursday’s meeting of General Purposes. Currently, the new housing to the east of Leighton Buzzard is in Eggington Parish. However, in every other respect they are part of Leighton Buzzard: they are sold as being in Leighton … Continue reading Parish Boundary Review

Why we should all welcome the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan

At Thursday's meeting of CBC Full Council, the long awaited Local Plan was adopted by the Council. For residents of Leighton Buzzard and Linslade, and the surrounding villages, it is largely good news. The plan identifies several small sites in and around the town, but it will stop any further development on the scale we … Continue reading Why we should all welcome the Central Bedfordshire Local Plan

Planning and local development

Every now and again, we see the same misleading commentary on local social media regarding planning decisions, development and infrastructure around Leighton Buzzard and Linslade. Few, if any, local Councillors would support the level of development we have seen and continue to see if there was a choice. If there was anything that could be … Continue reading Planning and local development

My week – week ending 22 June 2019

On Monday morning I visited Oakbank School to meet with Governors and the Head. I was delighted to see their impressive new gym, and to see the School farm and dogs! On Monday evening I attended the LLTC Policy and Finance Committee. Issues that were discussed included the market critical incident policy and the statement … Continue reading My week – week ending 22 June 2019

My week – week ending 15 June 2019

On Monday I attended the Grounds and Environment Committee at LLTC - we were joined by the judges for Communities in Bloom International Challenge from Canada and Italy. They spent several days looking at the excellent displays around the town - many thanks to the volunteers who keep the town looking so beautiful. We received … Continue reading My week – week ending 15 June 2019