My week – week ending 29 June 2019

On Monday I attended LLTC Full Council. Items included the renewal of the town’s ‘Fairtrade status’, and the adoption of an environmental ambitions statement.

On Thursday I had a briefing with the Director of Children’s Services, and a further briefing in preparation for the Children’s Service OSC meeting.

On Friday I attended an induction meeting on ‘Being a Community Councillor’

With fewer meetings than normal, it was a good opportunity to catch up with casework.

Looking ahead to the next week, I will be attending the LLTC Personnel Sub-committee, and the Planning and Transport Committee Meeting on Wednesday evening (7.30pm at the White House).

I have various meetings with the Children’s Services team on Tuesday, and I am visiting TACTIC in Hockliffe Street on Tuesday afternoon.

On Thursday I have a meeting with officers at LLTC, and on Friday I have a briefing on Adult Social Care (part of the members’ induction programme).

On Saturday it is the monthly LB South CBC Councillors’ surgery – 10.00am t0 11.30 am at the Library.

A reminder that the resurfacing of Grovebury Road is due to start on Thursday.

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