My week – week ending 8 June 2019

On Monday evening I chaired the Town Council Cultural and Economic Committee. Key points discussed included an update on TACTIC (the youth service on Hockliffe Street), the market policy regarding bad weather cancellation and emergency incidents, and the possibility of creating a ‘social history’ trail around the town (similar to the children’s trail).

On Tuesday I attended two Children’s Services briefings at Chicksands.

On Thursday I attended a training session for the members of the Police and Crime Panel. And in the evening I attended the Partnership Committee at The White House – key issues were the location of the town centre taxi rank (we are looking at moving it to either Lake Street or North Street), the ‘green wheel’ – linking the public open spaces around the town to encourage local residents to walk and cycle, and there was some discussion about the south of the High Street – CBC Officers are to be invited to attend the October committee meeting for an update.

On Friday I attended two Children’s Services induction sessions at Chicksands, looking at Councillor’s role as a Corporate Parent (to looked after children), and the support given to those with special needs and in early years.

Looking ahead, Monday night is the LLTC Grounds and Environment Committee at The White House at 7.30pm, and on Wednesday it is the LLTC Planning Committee when the application for the old sorting office will be discussed – 7.30pm at The White House.

I will also be attending the CBC Executive at Dunstable on Tuesday, and on Thursday evening I will be attending a Governors’ Meeting at Leedon Lower School.

One thought on “My week – week ending 8 June 2019

  1. Taxi rank location.(Market Square)
    I have lived here for 60 years, I have slowly seen the taxi people slowly do as they like..they don’t understand discipline but ,if it was possible to suspend the driver for say 1 month the parking wouldn’t be a problem.
    If you move it,your taking parking places away from other areas…when discipline would STILL be a problem.
    Start issuing parking tickets ,it will soon stop —try it.


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