Vote for LOCAL candidates on LOCAL issues

Having knocked on doors over the past month or so, I know many of you are still very frustrated at the continuing impasse over Brexit. I suspect like me you enjoyed a week or so off from this farce whilst MPs had their Easter break … it is a pity they can’t stay on their holidays a little longer. Nobody missed them!

It is less than 3 days until the local elections. I know many voters are considering using these elections as a protest against the Government. I can understand why you may feel that way, but

these are LOCAL elections about LOCAL issuesnothing you do on Thursday will influence the Brexit process.

Your vote on Thursday will not change who is sitting in Parliament. It will not change the Brexit outcome one way or another. But if you make a protest vote, you could be voting for someone who stood on national issues and doesn’t have any real understanding of local issues.

The candidates you vote for on Thursday are the candidates that will be running the Council for the next 4 years. They will be making decisions on local issues for the next 4 years. They will be setting your Council Tax for the next 4 years.

Do you really want to hand this responsibility to candidates whose campaign has focussed on either staying in or leaving the EU – policies over which, as local Councillors, they would have no influence?

It is possible that we will take part in European Elections at the end of May.

If we do have to take part in these elections, it is possible that anyone elected as an MEP might not ever get to take their seat in the European Parliament, or if they do, their tenure won’t be for very long. These elections will cost £millions and be for nothing.

However, if you are inclined to make a protest vote, the European Elections are your opportunity to send a very clear message to Westminster how you feel about their handling of Brexit.

You can make this protest vote without there being a potential negative impact on local services; if you chose to make a protest vote on 2nd May, you could be handing power to those who have only ever campaigned on national and international issues, which could cost you money and see reduced local services.

Don’t waste your vote by making a protest vote –
on May 2nd, Vote for LOCAL candidates on LOCAL issues.

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