Priorities for Leighton Buzzard – Roads, Parking and Congestion

Road maintenance

I understand that many residents are concerned about the state of the roads around the town – it is disappointing that a number of roads have not been maintained as they should have been.

However, we are pleased that CBC is committed to resurfacing Grovebury Road in early July and they will also make further repairs to the canal bridge and Tesco roundabout.

If re-elected, I will work with local residents to identify roads and pavements around LB South that need further maintenance, and work with CBC Highways to ensure they are repaired in a timely manner.

Parking and Congestion

Many residents are concerned about the increasing parking problems around the town – both town centre parking and residential parking, and the congestion around the town centre at peak times.

The town-wide parking study is due to report soon. I will work with local residents to bring forward residents’ parking schemes where there is support for these schemes, and I will urge CBC to introduce any possible measures to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.

South Street

The problems of traffic and parking in South Street is a particular concern among local residents; South Street is used as a ‘rat run’, and the road is used by HGVs and traffic often mounts the pavement.

A proposal to introduce a one-way system received a mixed response from residents, and I have asked CBC Highways to look at alternative schemes to reduce traffic – one option is to partially restrict traffic turning right into South Street heading east along Hockliffe Road.

I will also be asking CBC to install bollards to prevent traffic mounting the pavements, and I will again ask the Police to target South Street at busy times.

One thought on “Priorities for Leighton Buzzard – Roads, Parking and Congestion

  1. South Street Good luck with that one. I suspect plenty of highway engineers and previous councillors have scratched their heads over the South Street problem. Putting bollards on the footway may be OK in some places but in the narrower parts could lead to total traffic gridlock. It might be illegal to drive on the footway but the courts would take a lenient view if it was the only alternative. Banning parking would be rather unfair on the residents. Off street parking could be provided on the green at Lovent Road but I doubt that would be popular.
    At the moment South Street/.Brooklands Avenue are the only links between Stanbridge Road and Hockliffe Road apart from Lake Street. Once the Eastern LInk Road provides an alternative the traffic in South Street may reduce. If it doesn’t, the fact there is an alternative may make making South Street one way more palatable but I doubt the residents would want that.
    There is a 7.5T weight limit on the road. CBC could remove their unfathomable exemption for HGV learner drivers – might help a smidgeon.


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