Where are all the candidates?

I have spent the past 5 or so weeks delivering leaflets and knocking on doors across LB South – Brooklands, Grovebury and Leston. So far, with help from some of my fellow Conservative candidates (a special thanks to Ray Berry and David Bowater, and Carol Chambers), we have knocked on over 1500 doors and delivered leaflets to every house in LB South – something like 6000 or more properties.

We are now starting the delivery of a second leaflet, and we are continuing to knock on doors. I am not sure as we will make it around every door in LB South but we will keep on going every evening to cover as many as we can.

In between all of this, I have been regularly updating our facebook page – www.facebook.com/LeightonSouth – contributing to local social media sites and updating this blog.

All of our campaign activity since the end of March has been recorded in our ‘election diary‘.

I am not telling you this to blow my own trumpet – this is nothing more than any committed candidate in any election should be doing.

But to date (Easter weekend), I have seen very little evidence of activity from any of the candidates from any of the other parties standing in LB South (CBC) or for Brooklands, Grovebury or Leston wards (LLTC) – with the exception of one independent candidate standing in Leston ward,.

Notwithstanding this one exception, I have seen no contributions to any local social media sites by any other parties’ candidates for LB South. I have seen no evidence of any other parties canvassing in LB South. And I have seen little sign of any election leaflets going through doors in LB South.

created by dji camera

Little is known about some of the other parties’ candidates for LB South or what they stand for. Some of these candidates are not local to LB (UKIP are fielding a candidate from Barton-le-Clay, and Labour are putting up a candidate from Aspley Heath) and are completely unknown in the town, and in all likelihood have very little knowledge of the town.

And judging by their campaigns to date, one has to ask if they have any interest in the town either, other than as a platform to gain a council seat.

Below is the position as of Easter Weekend, with less than 2 weeks to go before polling day. It is possible the other parties might get their act together in the 10 days they have left, but I think they have left it a little late.

Central Bedfordshire Liberal Democrat Facebook page – nothing about any activity in Leighton Buzzard or any details of their candidates for LB South.

Central Bedfordshire Labour Party Facebook page – nothing about any activity in Leighton Buzzard or any details of their candidates for LB South.

UKIP Bedfordshire Facebook page gives no information at all about candidates, policies or activity in LB South

LB South Conservatives – active Facebook page, contributing to other local social media pages, blog, LB South website, 2 leaflets, canvassing since the end of March.

If candidates cannot be bothered to try and earn your vote during the election campaign, you need to ask yourself just how much effort they will put in if they were to be elected. Will they bother to hold surgeries? Will they follow up on their case work? Will they even attend meetings?

You need to ask yourself if these other candidates will really represent you if they cannot even get out and try to earn your vote.

As a good rule of thumb, the effort a candidate puts in during the campaign is a good measure of how much effort they will put in if elected. A lazy candidate will make a lazy councillor …

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