My promises to Leighton Buzzard

Anyone who has been following my posts over the past few weeks might have picked up a theme … LOCAL candidates, LOCAL elections, LOCAL issues. And at the same time, I have been trying to get the message across that Brexit is nothing to do with your local councils.

I understand how important some of the current national issues are. However, I am not standing for Westminster, I am standing for LLTC and CBC! Therefore, I will only campaign on issues that, if elected, I can have some say in. I am not going to make claims that I can change things that I cannot possibly influence or are only possible with a change in Government policy (although I will lobby MPs, the PCC and others to makes changes where change is needed).

So what are my promises to the residents of Leighton Buzzard?

If re-elected, what will I actually do for residents?

First and foremost, my priority is to help individual residents with their problems – housing problems, anti-social behaviour problems, concerns about the area they live in. These are the things that make the biggest difference to the quality of someone’s life.

I will always do my best to help you with any problem. If you contact me and ask for my assistance, I will help you to the fullest extent possible.

Mentmore Park – refurbished by LLTC in 2017

Over recent months or longer, several local Councillors have let down their residents through non-attendance at meetings and failing to properly represent them.

I do not have business interests or anything else that may limit my ability to function as a Councillor or otherwise influence me – just look at my ‘Councillor’s Register of Interests‘ to see just how boring I am!

I promise that whilst I remain a Councillor I will make sure that I carry out my duties to the best of my abilities. And should that change, I will do the right thing – I will not leave local residents without proper representation.

I have always been a Conservative, and whilst I disagree with some of what the party currently stands for, and I think their handling of Brexit has been a national embarrassment, I continue to stand as a Conservative Candidate. To do otherwise would be to take the electorate for mugs (see my previous blog post on why I am standing as a Conservative candidate). However,

I will never let party politics influence my decisions – my driving force will always be what is best for Leighton Buzzard, and if that means voting against the Conservative group on either council I will do so.

Residents often feel that local politicians only appear at election time, and aren’t really interested in the people who they expect to vote for them. They don’t feel that local politicians listen to them, and think their opinions are ignored.

I will continue to hold monthly surgeries for local residents. I will continue to produce and deliver regular newsletters to all households across LB South. And I will continue to engage with local residents on social media groups. I will always listen to what local residents are saying to me.

Politicians are often seen as being full of hot air – or worse – but I hope my track record over the past 8 years demonstrates my integrity and my willingness to help the residents of Leighton Buzzard.

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