We do not take anyone’s support for granted

For several weeks my fellow Conservative Candidates for CBC – David Bowater and Ray Berry – and I have been out delivering leaflets by day, and knocking on doors in the evenings (you can follow our progress here).

David, Ray and Amanda

We are committed to visit every house in person in LB South before 2nd May.

We are not afraid to face the electorate – yes, we sometimes get a frosty reception but that has not put us off.

Ask yourself if the other candidates have made any effort to speak to you or your neighbours?

Or if they have even been seen in your street?

Have you even seen them on local social media sites?

And for those who may appear – either in person or online – have they only appeared because there is an election?

We know a lot of you do not support the current Conservative Government and Parliaments’ handling of Brexit. We do not take your support for granted, and we know we need to demonstrate that you can trust your Conservative Candidates for CBC in these local elections to stand up for local issues.

When you vote on 2nd May, look at our track records to date, and look at what we are promising for the future. We are standing on issues that directly affect the residents in the wards we seek to represent.

We are not making vague policy statements.

We are not making generic promises to the whole of Central Bedfordshire and beyond.

We are not using statistics to baffle the electorate.

We are local candidates addressing real local problems.

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