A candidate for Leighton Buzzard AND Dunstable? What’s going on?

Nominations for Central Bedfordshire Council and Parish Council elections were published last week. I strongly believe that candidates should be 100% committed to representing the people who elect them, and they should not put themselves in a position where they might face a conflict of priorities – for example, by being elected to both Leighton Linslade Town Council and Dunstable Town Council.

I was therefore surprised to see one of the candidates for LLTC Brooklands Ward and CBC LB South is also standing as a candidate for Dunstable Town Council Icknield Ward.

There is no suggestion that it is improper to do this – the Returning Officer has confirmed that it is technically ok to do this. However, I am just not sure how one person, if they were elected to represent a ward in both Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable at the same time, could properly represent both electorates.

For one thing, both Councils meet on Monday evenings … and I know I can’t be in two places at the same time and I doubt anyone else can.

3 thoughts on “A candidate for Leighton Buzzard AND Dunstable? What’s going on?

  1. Maybe he would attend more frequently than your colleague Councillor Walker, who has represented Linslade for some years without attending meetings, from his base,it seems, near Southampton?


    1. Perhaps if that was the concern, this candidate would have been better standing in Cllr Walker’s former ward in Linslade as there is not an attendance problem in either Brooklands Ward or LB South.


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