My week – week ending 6 April

On Monday 1st April I attended the LLTC Community Safety Committee. The meeting was attended by Sgt Liam Mitchell of Beds Police to discuss a number of local issues.

On Tuesday 2nd I attended CBC Executive at Chicksands. We looked at the Central Bedfordshire Community safety plan for the next 12 months – priorities are ending exploitation, tackling domestic and sexual abuse, and substance abuse.

On Wednesday 3rd I had a briefing in advance of the Corporate Parenting Panel next week, and I then chaired the LLTC Planning Committee in the evening. The main issue that was discussed was the planned demolition of the station footbridge – the Leighton Buzzard Society raised concerns.

Every other waking hour has been spent delivering leaflets and knocking on doors across LB South.

I am looking forward to having Sunday afternoon off …

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