My week …

For week ending 23 March 2019

On Monday evening it was the annual Parish Meeting for the Town Council. There were a lot of questions about housing, planning and development in and around the town, and further afield (the question of the Oxford – Cambridge Arc and the Expressway featured). Please click here for additional information on planning issues.

Other issues that were discussed included:

  • the use of single use plastics and what if, anything, LLTC can do to encourage the use of alternative materials,
  • progress in identifying a suitable location for the proposed disability hub,
  • how access to Council building and parks can be improved for children and young people with disabilities,
  • the style of bus shelters and the lack of a shelter on Grovebury Road outside the surgery,
  • problems with GP surgeries in the town.

On Tuesday I attended several Children’s Services meetings at Chicksands and Cabinet (sorry, these meetings are all restricted so cannot disclose the contents of those meetings).

On Wednesday I attended the Astral Park working group, looking at the use and management of the Town Council’s pavilions. The main issue is the refurbishment of Pages Park pavilion, which should start over the summer, and how we can make best use of the pavilions across the town.

And on Friday and Saturday, some of you may have seen me out and about on Brooklands estate with some of my colleagues who are also standing in the local elections – Ray Berry, Carol Chambers and Jeremy Silverstone. The local election campaign is now underway, so over the coming weeks please look out for us across the whole of LB South (Brooklands, Billington Park, Sandhills, Roman Gate and everywhere inbetween) – we will be knocking on as many doors as we can between now and polling day. Currently scheduled to be 2nd May, but in the current political climate who knows what will happen …

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