My week … week ending 16th March 2019

This morning (Saturday) I have spoken to the CBC Executive Member for Regeneration about the problems on Hockliffe Road due to the development work – in particular, the traffic lights and the mud on the road. He is already aware of the unacceptable inconvenience this is causing local residents, and will be talking to the developers.

This week there have been fewer meetings that a typical week.

On Tuesday I attended the Children’s Services Oversight and Scrutiny Committee at Chicksands. One of the main items we were looking at were exam results across all ages in Central Beds, together with new safeguarding arrangements and school places.

On Wednesday evening I chaired the Town Council Planning and Transport Committee – not major developments, but we discussed the ‘green wheel’ – a network of open spaces across the town.

On Thursday I was due to do ‘Speedwatch’ at an ‘undisclosed location’ … but rain stopped play (the strong winds would have blown over the Speed Indicator Display – known as ‘Sid’).

The rest of the week has been spent on residents’ issues and concerns, although the rest of today is a ‘day off’ as it is my son’s 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Jack!

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