Yet more from our PCC

Following the most recent correspondence from the PCC, I was interviewed by BBC 3CR this morning (Andy Collins show just after the 7.00am news). Kathryn Holloway gave her response just after the 8.00am news.

She has some very dismissive views on Parish Councils – she claims she doesn’t know what her local Parish Council spend their money on.

It is very enlightening listening to the PCC … she clearly has a memory problem. She claims we are confused about what letters were sent and when they were sent.

She says that a letter was sent in December to all Parish Councils, and then a second confidential letter was sent in January. This is the first letter from the PCC – dated 22nd January – which we understand was the letter sent to all Parish Councils. It is not marked as confidential. I am not aware of any earlier letter.

This was the subsequent reply received from the PCC after LLTC declined to take part in the scheme. Apparently, this reply is not confrontational!

These were my comments to the LBO (published 26th February):

“The tone of Kathryn Holloway’s letter does a great deal of damage to the post of PCC – it comes across as an ill thought out rant, with inaccuracies, implied threats and accusations, and serves to reinforce the widely held view that her priorities lay elsewhere.”

“She implies that an LLTC Councillor ‘leaked’ a ‘private’ letter to the press. I have seen the letter, and I have commented on it in both the LBO and in interviews with BBC 3CR and Look East. However, it was not ‘leaked’ – it was published as part of a Council agenda – and it was not marked as ‘private’ or ‘confidential’.”

“If she wishes to keep are communications out of the public domain then perhaps she should classify her letters accordingly. Indeed, she might have been well advised to have marked this most recent letter as ‘confidential’ to stop the residents of Leighton-Linslade seeing her true colours.”

“To suggest that she will break off direct contact with the Town Council, and that we will only learn about new initiatives through the press, is churlish. She clearly does not like any scrutiny or criticism, and will act out of spite against those who dare to speak out.”

“Despite all of this, I believe that local residents and Councillors have a very good relationship with the local Policing team. We understand the pressures they are under, and we know they give 110% to the local community. It is a pity that the PCC has not made the effort to build a good relationship with the town.”

“The residents of Leighton Linslade are our priority, and when we see the town getting such a bad deal from Bedfordshire Police we will hold the PCC to account. She cannot take our support for granted.”

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